In summer 2020 I started to work on a portrait project. You can find all the photos on Instagram: @portraithanoi. More information about the background of the project can be found here.

The Project is free for everyone, which means that you can always join for a session if you are interested. There are no costs, just an interest in the project is necessary. Just drop me an email or a message on Instagram.

If you want to support the project and get some Behind The Scenes insights, you can join my Patreon. You can get monthly postcards in your mail, background images for you mobile phone, a photo course and prints in different sizes.

In April 2021 I decided to try all different forms of artistic expression that seem interesting to me. It is a wonderful and sometimes frustrating process. Some forms of artistic expression flow very well, some do not. Here are some pieces resulting from that process. On Instagram: @danielnuderscher you can find some of the newest and older works as well.

A part of an exhibition concept: stone sculptures hanging from the ceiling:

Recent Sculptures

Broadly Land Art

Shards – Visuals for a Music Video

Laser Caustics

Some random things:

This was July in paintings:

A very first try in working with clay:

In May and June 2021, this paintings emerged:

I liked working with a angle grinder, so I tried it on wood:

Even though I did not write dates or numbers on the paintings, this were (in my opinion) the best paintings of the first month (mid April 2021 – mid May 2021). Most of them are on 80g copy paper and the water from the water colors waved the thin paper:

This were probably the most important first paintings for me personally. There very first painting, the worst memory of my life until now and the best memory of my life so far. I realized that I often paint either emotions or traumatic / intensely good memories.

Some of the very first water color paintings.
April 2021, first experiments in drawing with water color. Before another Corona lockdown I happened to possess water colors and I bought 500 pages of copying paper to have a lot of room for mistakes and experiments. In the 4 month that followed, I painted around 800 paintings.